There are many reason why you should take a break from blogging. In this post I am going to share my view on why you should take a break from blogging
Are you a mad blogger who is blogging like hell…?
Are you someone who are bored with blogging??
Are you someone who is frustrated with blogging and blogging but not getting success
Then this post is for you.  keep reading and you will understand why you need an immediate break from blogging.




The first reason why you should take a break from blogging


Don’t be monotonous with your blog. Your blog should be different then others. But if you do what everyone else is doing its going to be a flop show. Taking a break will help you to find out what you really want to write about.


It’s not about what everyone else is doing it’s about what you are unique at.


Take a break. maybe for 3 to 4 weeks don’t write anything, in fact, forget about your blog.


Go hang out with some friends. Watch good films, read some great books. I mean to do something different. After around 1 month come back to your blog.


See what is missing in your blog, write on new things with new perspective. I am sure you will find a great improvement on your blog


The second reason why you should take a break from blogging


Sometimes blogging can be a recipe for you to be unsocial. I am not saying that every blogger is unsocial. In fact, every successful blogger are highly social.


But when you are blogging like crazy you sometimes forget about your family, friends. If you are not good with these people, you cannot be good with your visitors. So take a break Give time to every important person in your life.


When you find you are giving appropriate time to each person that you love your workflow will be much better.


The third reason why you should take a break from blogging
Blogging is not the end of the world. So if you are not getting success in blogging that does not mean that you can’t be successful in online marketing. there are tons of people who are making money online without blogging.


So If your sole agenda is making money online and somehow you are not being able to make money online by blogging Don’t lose hope .  Read my other post on 5 top secret ways to make money online


take a break and explore the other way to make money online. Taking a break does not mean that you have to stop posting on your blog completely.



I am just saying that don’t do anything on your blog for few days .


The fourth reason why you should take a break from blogging
Sometimes when you are blogging for many days. You will find a dearth of ideas.



The best solution for this problem is taking a break .



If you take a long break from blogging you will start to cultivate new ideas ., So if you are out of ideas for your blog I will suggest you to take a break from your blog for a few days.


Taking a break will help to make your blog a better one.


Yes of course .  Taking a break from your blog is something that will definitely increase your productivity.



The quality of your post will enhance. So if you want something new to happen to your blog  you have to do it differently . The first step is to take a break for few days .



I am an online marketer, entrepreneur, and passionate blogger. I like to help others by sharing my knowledge . I think blogging is all about helping others. In this blog I have tried my best to help those who are trying to start their own blog/website.

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