What are the 5  challenges that every new blogger faces? find out right now . If you are a new blogger  this post is definitely for you.



Ok, so you have started a new blog. Most likely you are going to face these 5 common challenges. My blog is all about solving problems. So in this post, I am not just going to talk about the problems of every new blogger I will try to solve each problem with a systematic approach.



5  challenges that every new blogger faces with solutions


The first challenge: Indexing by google


The first challenge that every new blogger faces is proper indexing of their site.
Solution – Now what you have to do is make sure that your blog is indexed correctly by google. Suppose you have started a blog with 2 pages and 3 posts. You have to make sure that those 2 pages and 3 posts are indexed properly by google.
To find out whether your blog and its posts/pages are properly indexed you have to do a simple thing. Go to google search and type site:www.yoursite.com. Now in the search if you find all of the posts and pages of your blog then you can be sure the google has indexed your page or post.
Now,if you don’t find some pages or post you have to manually index them using google search console which was previously known as webmaster tool. If you don’t have signed up for google search console then go ahead and do that. It is free.



The Second challenge:  getting the track record of your visitor


Solution – Google has a great free tool that you can use to get track of your visitor. You will be amazed to find out what kind of detail google can give you about your visitors. Like location, gender, which device they are using, all kind of behavior pattern. Most importantly it can provide you important data like page views , Bounce rate , Traffic source all of these . So don’t wait for long just sign up for google analytics .



5 challenges that every new blogger faces google anylitics


The Third challenge:  doing SEO properly


SEO SEO and SEO wherever you go you will find a discussion about SEO. The online community has gone mad over this subject. You know what is the funny thing I see, people who don’t have any experience with blogging can lecture hours after hours on SEO.
The fact is most of the newbs are focusing on only SEO and forgets everything else. If you ask me that’s a very very very bad thing. That’s why we see more and more spammers around us.
I am not saying SEO is spamming. It’s not but I have seen people who focus on SEO mostly and neglect content and communication are inclined to spam more often.
Solution – Do not focus on SEO right now. In fact, forget about SEO. Rather give your 80% to your content creation and another 20% to the design of your blog and architecture of it. When you find that your blog has some great unique content that is the time to market it. Now you can do SEO.
Don’t try to do some crazy stuff like a lot of so-called gurus will suggest you. Do simple things like on page optimization. You can use plugins like yoast  to get help. For offsite optimization like getting some back links you can do Blog posts, Forum posts go for social media shares. Keep it simple but effective.
Try to resist the temptation of ranking fast on Google. Don’t try to create unnatural backlinks from here and there(or Buy cheap backlinks). You may rank on google very fast but you will disappear from google even faster if you do unnatural back linkings.


The Fourth challenge: Getting to know your ranking


Funny it may sound but I see every new blogger wants to know their ranking for some particular keyword. I am an active member of a few forums. I see most of the new bloggers wants to know their ranking and which tool they should use for that.
Solution – you can use some great websites or tools to check your rank. A lot of people in the forums suggest Ahref  which is  great but only if you use it for organic traffic research or  rank tracking or things that are not important right now .
Ahrefs is not free. Even for the entry level plan you have to pay $99 per month. Although first 14 days, you can get the free trial.
If you are starting your blogging and you want to know about your ranking you can use SERPS  just put your URL and keyword that you have targeted on your or post and then select a country . Click on go . You will find your ranking If it is on the first 25 pages of google




5 challenges that every new blogger faces serp-rank-chekar-1





5 challenges that every new blogger faces serp-rank-checkar-2


Remember don’t expect to rank for any competitive keywords overnight I will suggest you to do some keyword research before targeting any keyword and creating any post. Going for long tail keyword (with even very little search query) helps you to rank faster.



The Fifth and the final challenge (the father of all challenges) Getting traffic


Now this is the challenge that is faced by not only new bloggers but also experienced bloggers. Every blogger wants more and more traffic. No matter how much traffic they get they are not satisfied they want more. It’s like money no matter how much you get you won’t be satisfied you will need more.
Anyway, let’s talk about the new bloggers . Getting traffic for a new blog is really very challenging . Especially if it does not have any brand value or experienced fellow supporting it.

Solution – The only solution that I can think of to this problem is getting more and more active in social media , Forums related to your niche, commenting on related blogs, interacting with as much people as possible.

When you start your blog you won’t be having much traffic you have to reach out for traffic. Even doing good SEO will take some time to give you great results with organic traffic.


In the meantime, try to spend as much time as possible on connecting with other people and helping them out. By taking all of these small steps you will start to get more and more direct traffic. After some time when the blog starts to rank on the search engine you will start to get organic traffic also.

The blogger I admire most is Matt Woodward. His blog gets millions of views per month. When he started he used to get very little or no traffic.

He started to be very active on different Forums . He looked for the problems that people faces most and he solves the problems and helped the people. Within a few months, People started to come to his blog regularly and his traffic was booming with a flood.

Moral of the story, be active and help others by solving their problems. And you will get direct traffic.
You can also use this method to get more direct traffic Read this post How to steal thousands of traffic from authority sites without SEO.

These are the problems that I think new bloggers faces most. But there are other problems too. Most of the new blogger wants to know how to make money with blogging . In fact, this is the most asked question that you will find on the internet.
I deliberately didn’t include this challenge in my list.
Because making money should not be the first priority of any blogger. The first priority should be helping others and communicating with others. The money will come on its own naturally.
What do you think friends let me know by commenting on the comment section .


Have a great day




I am an online marketer, entrepreneur, and passionate blogger. I like to help others by sharing my knowledge . I think blogging is all about helping others. In this blog I have tried my best to help those who are trying to start their own blog/website.

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