Earn money online free by clicking ads


So you want to earn money online free by clicking ads . Is it really possible ? Yes, it is possible . You can earn a very little amount of money clicking ad.


The advertising networks I am talking about is called PTC. Different PTC site has a different kind of system but the basic structure is the same. I am giving a rough idea how PTC sites work. On PTC site you click on an advert and wait for a few second and earn around $0.001 You may get 15 ads available on a day to click . So you earn around $0.015 a day clicking ads. Most of the PTC site offers minimum payout price at $2. It will take around a month to earn your first $2 and withdraw.



Should you do it ??


If you are happy with making $2 a month in exchange for your invaluable time , you can do it . Otherwise, I would suggest not to even think about it . I have wasted a lot of time doing this clicks on the ad. It’s nothing but wasting your time . With the same amount of effort and time, you can make a decent amount of extra cash .


Honestly speaking there are thousands of ways to make money online but this is the worst method to make money.




But those who are making hundreds of dollars on PTC site???


Believe me, most of them are not telling you the real truth . the reality is that within every 1000 people only 1 person is making a decent amount of money on the ptc sites . and those who are making money they are not making money by clicking ads. They are making money by referring others to the system.


The success of this PTC site is depending on how many people you can refer to this system . And that’s the reality. When I search the internet A few unethical people are telling that PTC is a great place to earn money . They are saying that they are making a huge amount of money ,they are sharing the screen shots of earning proofs.


The reality is that kind of income is only possible when you can convince others that they can make money on PTC.
On my blog, I get many people who want to know how to make money online.


I could have easily made a post and try to convince you that PTC site is the best way to make money online and put my affiliate link under the post. And when you and thousands of people join the PTC network using my affiliate link and start to click ads I could have made a lot of money.


And then I would put more screenshots of my earning on PTC sites And more people join the site I would have made more and more money.


But I don’t do this kind of Business. I don’t want to make money by cheating people.



So what should I do???




If you really want to make money online then please learn the art of marketing . I have to admit that those who are making money by sending others to PTC site are great online marketers the only thing that I don’t like about them is that they are suggesting you to go to a place where you will lose your valuable time.


So don’t waste your time on PTC sites. Even if you want to make money on PTC sites you need to learn online marketing. Things like How to make a website, creating a Blog, getting traffic , SEO etc . the most lucrative way to make money online is email marketing. All of these are very important if you really want to make money online.




Let me tell you something There is no magic button on the internet ., Those who makes money online is not lazy people who don’t do anything . Like every good thing in life making money online needs some effort , Taking actions , learning from your mistakes.




I really like my visitors of web4plan and I really want to help you . Because I have gone through a painful phase in my life when I started my online journey . On those days when I used to google search how to make money a bunch of sites used to appear on my browser claiming clicking ads is the best option to make money online . I wish I could have someone like me to put the real scenario before me .


I have learned the lesson in a hard way . I don’t want you to go into the same path .



The way out




Read my blog thoroughly there are some posts where I have disclosed some simple methods to make money online like “how to make money without investment“ Using those methods you can make some money here and there but remember that the real money is in email marketing .



Now if you really want to learn email marketing please send me an email I will be glad to help you.



I am an online marketer, entrepreneur, and passionate blogger. I like to help others by sharing my knowledge . I think blogging is all about helping others. In this blog I have tried my best to help those who are trying to start their own blog/website.
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