Do you know till now the email marketing is the most sustainable and safest way to make money online? Whether you do SEO or Social Marketing you need to have your email list. The money is in the list even in this era.


If you have just started to explore the limitless prospect  of online business and yet you don’t know the unimaginable possibilities of email marketing, then this post is for you.

In this post, I am going to explain every bit of information that you need to know to start your email marketing.


From the beginning of the internet, the style of online marketing has changed drastically but only one thing remain still the same that is the importance of email marketing. Email marketing remains the main source of income even in this age of social media, for the internet marketers.


Why email marketing?

If you want to run a successful business online you need a steady flow of customers to buy your products or services. Now getting loyal customers who will come back to you, again and again, is the most difficult challenge you have to face . That’s where email marketing comes in. When you capture the email address of not only your customers but also the potential buyers of your products or services you have the possibility of getting more and more sells. Email is the easiest and cheapest way to get connected with your existing and potential customers.


If you don’t have your own products or services, you can sell other’s products and services and you will still be able to make money with the commission. It is called affiliate marketing. Whether you are a vendor of a product or service provider or an affiliate marketer, you need an email list.


Now how to get started with email marketing


To start email marketing, you need 3 things

First, you need to choose what would be your niche (what kind of product you will sell.)
Second, you need to set an autoresponder
Third and the most important thing is the traffic


Let me break it down one by one for you


The first step is to choose a niche. if you are a vendor you already know what your niche is. But if you are not a vendor or a service provider you need to choose what you are going to promote. There are hundreds of niches that you can choose from. Some of the most popular niches are weight loss, make money online, self-improvement, dating. cooking, etc. Go to an affiliate marketplace like click bank to get an idea sign up with them. Choose a niche and start to promote a product.

The second step is setting up your autoresponder. You need to capture email addresses of your potential customers. In exchange, you will give them some value in a pdf form or a video form. Suppose you are in weight loss niche. So you will offer your traffic “free weight loss diet chart for 30 days” in exchange for their email address.

Now you need some kind of automated service to send back to your subscriber your message. That is where autoresponder comes in. An autoresponder automatically sends the email to your subscriber. You can schedule your emails in your autoresponder.

You can choose from a variety of auto responding service. There are hundreds of services. The most popular and most affordable is these three. Mailchimp, Getresponse , and AWeber .

Mailchimp is free for your first 2000 subscriber but the problem is that you cannot use their auto responding service. You have to manually broadcast your emails from MailChimp.

Aweber is one of the best in the market. But I would highly recommend Getresponse if you are starting out you will get I month of free service, and no credit card needed.

Using the autoresponder, you need to build a landing page which is very important for capturing the email address. Now you can build your landing page using the default templates of your autoresponder service. Or you can use your own website like a professional. I would always recommend you to use landing page on your own hosting. If you don’t have any website, go for one and star your own website. It’s not difficult at all. let’s be very honest with you if you want to make money online you need to have your own website.



Making a website is the easiest part of your online business. You don’t have to be a web developer to start your simple website.



Here are the steps to make a website

Buying a Domain

Buying a Hosting

Linking your domain with hosting

If you can’t build your own landing page hire someone on Fiverr you will be amazed for $5 you will get amazing opt-in page designed for you



The third and the most important step is getting traffic.
Now this is the biggest challenge that you have to face. There are two kinds of traffic paid traffic and free traffic. from my experience what I have learned Most of the people on the internet do not want to invest for starting out their business which is wired. Anyway, you need to understand if you want to go with free traffic it would need a lot of time. You cannot expect a lot of traffic suddenly using the free method.



Free method: If you are not using the money you need to invest time. remember what they say “Time is money” it is indeed. The only way to get free traffic to your offer is by getting more and more exposed to your social media profile. Start your own Facebook page twitter account, YouTube video channel, Google plus profile, LinkedIn profile and interact with other people. The more active you will get on social media the more traffic it would generate. Remember it’s not about selling your product. It’s about offering value to others. The people will automatically follow you if you share valuable information with them.

Paid method: getting paid traffic is relatively easy and instant. You can go for PPC on google, Bing. You can go for Facebook ad also. Banner add is also a great source. Find out blogs on your niche contact with the owner of the blog and ask for placing a banner ad on their blog for a reasonable price. You need to set a budget for your advertising campaign and make a plan how you are going to invest that amount.



The problem of internet marketing today



Hopefully, you will start to get plenty of email subscriber to your list. But don’t make the mistake that most of the email marketers do. Don’t try to sell everything to them. Remember they are going to be the source of your online income. Treat them like real human being. Offer them products that will help them. Offer them value. It’s not about only making money. It’s about helping others to make their life more beautiful.



If you can change people’s life in a constructive way you don’t have to think about money. The money will come to you naturally.




1.Choose your niche
2.Go to marketplaces like Clickbank to choose your product
3.Sign up for an autoresponder service preferably Getresponse
4.Build a landing page with a free offer in exchange for email
5.Get traffic to your landing page
6.Provide value to your subscriber
7.Promote the product


Some extra things to remember (for affiliate marketers)
Always choose the niche that you already have some kind of knowledge. You don’t have to be a master But at least you need to have some kind of interest in that particular niche.

Always try to buy the product first use it yourself if you feel that the product or services really can help others, promote it with a full flow.

Always ask for feedback from your customers . Be communicative. It will help you to improve your credibility. And believe me, my friends this is the only thing that can make you stand out from the crowd.




I am an online marketer, entrepreneur, and passionate blogger. I like to help others by sharing my knowledge . I think blogging is all about helping others. In this blog I have tried my best to help those who are trying to start their own blog/website.

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