You are reading this post because you are most probably confused about cheap links that are available on Fiverr . You have few question in your mind that needs to be answered. Well, let me assure you if you read the post properly you will learn everything that you need to know about Fiverr backlinks .

If you dont know what is back link this post is not for you. If you do know keep on reading the post.


So the first question – Will cheap Fiverr links boost your ranking ?

Before answering this question I want to ask you something . Do you know daily how many websites are coming out on the internet ? and how many websites are trying to rank on google by buying cheap Fiverr links ?
If investing $5 or $10 or $20 can increase ranking on google everyone who starts a website would have been a millionaire .
So be very clear about the fact cheap Fiverr link is not going to push your rank
But wait before you come to any conclusion let me tell you something cheap Fiverr backlinks can be very useful if it is used properly.
Always remember Cheap backlinks that you buy from Fiverr are Good for link diversity.  Link diversity is something that Google loves. Although this cheap link will not help you to rank high but these links will make your new site ready for strong links which I am going to discuss in a moment .
A lot of people will discourage you to use Fiverr backlinks . That’s because they don’t know how to use those links.
It’s not about creating some backlink all of a sudden it’s about building your backlink profile gradually .




If you already have some quality backlinks and getting a decent amount of traffic daily Fiverr link may not work for you . In fact, your ranking will go down if you randomly use some Fiverr gigs for the backlink.



Why should you use Fiverr links?

For only one reason that is link diversity. If you are starting a website or blog you need some link diversity, some random links to get yourself ready for the big game like PBN (private blog network)
And let me tell you once again Fiverr links are not going to push your rank.


They are crappy and cheap links …. but have their own part to play if you are starting your blog or website.


How to use cheap backlinks ?

Let’s say you buy a search engine optimization pack from someone . You outsource someone to rank your website and they will ask for keywords suppose you are trying to rank for keyword “woodcutter”. What they probably going to do if they don’t know what they are doing they are going to send a whole bunch of links with the anchor text “woodcutter”. Google does not like that type of stuff.
Google wants to see

  • Diversity
    Naked URL
    And general anchor text is well


So how to use Fiverr  for backlinks ?

You should look for specific packages and when you find the right gigs  you will send them brandings like your site name or and then general keywords like click here, more information just different variation of branding and naked URLs. These are not going to be your  main keywords .


Don’t use your keywords buying Fiverr links.



Remember You are just getting your site ready for your stronger links




Mistake that most of the people make

They use strong links for diversity. diversity is when you get links from a different various website because if you get links from the same website over and over again it looks like spam for google



And the other mistake that  they made is using strong links and exact match keyword on brand new sites. Don’t go out and use exact match keywords on brand new sites it’s just not going to work even if it may push your rank but it’s not going top last long maybe a few weeks .
If you have started a fresh site you should
Use Cheap  Fiverr  links
Use cheap Fiverr links for branding naked URLs general keyword anchors



Then use expired or juiced up web 2.0
Try to use Web 2.0 for keyword variations and sometimes you can use exact match keyword two or three times . It really depends on the situations .



Then use private blog network links
Private blog network for exact match keywords . These are your strongest links
So the top links will be going to get your site ready for the big player list the one that going to push your site to the top
And also  don’t start a fresh site and go and buy some private blog network links and exact match keywords without doing any of this because you are wasting both money and time .



use Fiverr for general link building like profile link building these are not strong links just profile links they will give some diversity . ,,,, this is where the diversity comes from . this is what google wants to see.



What should you find in Fiverr gigs?


Press release submission


Write an article and recruit someone to submit to press release site. Now you would put this naked URL of your site or brand name


Then use video submissions
Find some video making software make a video does not need to be fancy send to Fiverr send some keywords like click here for more information or branding or the naked URL very simple stuff you will get 15 more links  so this will diversify your profile even more
Pdf submission .
go to I writer. Com order a cheap article for 3 bux . and use some general keyword and use Fiverr gig to submit them to different pdf submission sites.


All of these are the first step of your link building process .  by following the steps you are making link diversity for your website .

So Fiverr links are not going to push your rank but it will make platform from where you can go for strong links which are the links that will make your ranking higher



I am an online marketer, entrepreneur, and passionate blogger. I like to help others by sharing my knowledge . I think blogging is all about helping others. In this blog I have tried my best to help those who are trying to start their own blog/website.

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