How to earn money without investment $20 every day


In this post, I am going to discuss how to earn money without investment. No you don’t need to invest any money to start earning on line. But you need to invest some time to earn money.


There are few ways to make money online without initial investment. If you google search how to earn money without investment you will get thousands of sites with the search result.


But unfortunately, there is no adequate information available. They will teach you 100 ways to make money without investment and you will get more confused with hundreds of methods.


Being a successful online marketer for a few years I do understand the basic problem that everyone faces when they start their online endeavor. The problem I am talking about is information overload. there are millions of ways to make money online. The problem is that we don’t concentrate on one method. We always tend to learn more and more and don’t take any action.


So in this post I have decided to share only one method that will help you to start earning without investment of money. But keep in mind that you have to take action. Don’t think too much. And don’t be afraid of failing. Because every time you fail you will be one step closer to success.


Enough of this lecture. Let’s come to the straight point. In my early days as an online marketer I used to earn a very little amount of money using Fiverr . It was not a huge amount of money but around $10 to $20 every day without investing any money.


I am going to teach you how I manage to earn this little amount of money with a very little effort using Fiverr.




So what is Fiverr ???


Fiverr is a market place where you can sell your service for $5 or more . All the services you offer on Fiverr is called gig.


How can you make money on Fiverr without investment ???


You can offer any kind of service . If you are a graphics designer It will be easy for you to make money . Because things like banners. Book covers etc. are a high demand.  If you can write the article writing gig will best for you . Thousands of people are looking for fresh article every day on fiverr.


Most of us are not specialized in anything. Now how to make money if you are not specialized in anything? In Fiverr there are many gigs that doesn’t require any specialization.


The method that worked for me!!!


I am too lazy to write articles or make any banner design . I always believe in working less and earning more.


Now I am going to share with you how I made money on Fiverr. I use to take order from fiverr and forward it to another market place called Seoclerks . All I really had to do was look for seller who is selling the same service that I am selling on Fiverr for cheap.


For example I used to sell the gig for 200 re-tweets for $5 . I knew a seller who used to sell 200 re-tweets for $2. So all did is take the order from the buyers on fiverr for $5 and buy the service for $2 . Now fiverr would take $1 . After all of these you get $2 pure profit. And remember you can create not only 1 gig . you can actually create 7 gigs when you are starting out. It was very easy for me to sell 10 services with my 7 gigs every day. So, every day I used to earn 10*$2 = $20 (on an average).


In the example below you can see  someone is selling 200 social network profile back links for $1 on SEOCLERKS.

How to earn money without investment


And the same gig is selling on Fiverr for 5$


make money without investment online

So if you can sell the gig on fiverr for $5 you will get $3 profit on every sell .


Is it really that simple???


Yes my friend it is really that simple. The things that you need to remember are


  1. SEO, BANNER, ARTICLES etc are the most demanded gigs on Fiverr . So chose to sell those gigs which are high in demand.
  2. Create all the 7 gigs . Try to take the advantages of 7 gigs. The more gigs you create the more exposer and traffic you will get
  3. Make sure that your gigs are well written. Be very specific what you are offering .
  4. Choose the turnover time according to your supplier on the other market place.
  5. Before choosing the seller on the other marketplace look at their reviews/feedback
  6. Don’t rely only on one seller. Try to find at least 3 seller who are selling the same services .
  7. For the first few buyers give some extra service so that they would not hesitate to give you a great review along with the 5 star .


remember the feed back of the buyer is the most important thing which will help to attract more buyer.


These are the simple tricks that you can follow to get more success.


Remember just don’t read all these information, take action. I am telling you if you can do exactly what I have described on this post you can easily make an extra $600 per month. If I can do it anyone can do it . It is very simple.



I am an online marketer, entrepreneur, and passionate blogger. I like to help others by sharing my knowledge . I think blogging is all about helping others. In this blog I have tried my best to help those who are trying to start their own blog/website.

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