Cindy Donovan’s InstaGenius is cloud based and is a Word Press plugin tool that can seize a website’s or blog’s visitors and makes them potential buyers. It can let you manage several platforms all at the same time on the same dashboard. These platforms may include WordPress, Shopify, and
Amazon among others.

This software has been of great help in finding out what a particular visitor wants to purchase and can add them to your e mail list whenever the Amazon product they are interested in is on sale or when there are discounts on the product in question. The sequence finds new items as well and offers them with individual prices and recommended items all with your affiliate links on Amazon.

• WordPress Plugin: WordPress happens to be one of the most used content management systems in the world. So if you have a self-hosted WordPress site, all you need to do is to download their plugin on your website, install and activate it.

• Targeted list building: With the ability to link you Amazon associates account, this plugin allows your visitors to search for products based on the location you choose to target. So if you understand your traffic demographics, you simply choose those countries that bring in more traffic. It is also possible to choose what products to list based on age distribution and interests of your visitors.

• Widgets: Instagenius has a widget feature that you can place anywhere around your site; sidebar, before article, after article, footer, etc. With this widget, it is easy for them to search for products, see the price list as they change on Amazon website and the smart algorithms can display to users specific products based on their recent searches and interests.

• Auto and email responders: When users show interest in a product, this plugin can send emails to users showing products they showed their interests. Any discounts and presales will be indicated as well.
• This plugin is also 100 percent handsfree as most features can be customized and automated.

InstaGenius is a software that is going to see an unbelievable increase in profits for online businesses and at the same time keep in check the gradual growth of your email sequence. To setting up InstaGenius, first, you need to install the InstaGenius Word Press plugin. Connect your Amazon website and your automatic response accounts. There will be an icon that appears to your blog or website visitors that show a FREE price watch service that you are offering. This widget will enable them to search for a particular product they are looking to buy.

InstaGenius will then present your blog or website visitors
FREE advice for the potential buyers solely for the item they had earlier on
searched for. It should be noted that all these can only be done after
successful subscription to your e mail sequence. The e mails can later be used
for projects and promotions in the future. This software is a life saver in
that it automatically keeps track of the prices on Amazon for the potential

Whenever InstaGenius finds a particular recommended product
or when a product is on sale on Amazon, the automatic responder will do its
usual job by closing the sales and after that recommend other related products
to the buyer. InstaGenius comes with its e mail campaigns that you can play
around with according to your specification. It finally inputs the items the
blog or website visitors have been interested in and if a sale of the product
comes up, presents the product and recommends more. InstaGenius currently sells
at $27.



InstaGenius has a ton of advantages to reap from in
affiliate marketing. One of them being in that it is easy to use and can be
customized to your preferences. It also comes with a mobile app as well making
it easier to use the software on the go and track your statistics. The premium
launch makes it highly demanded due to its accuracy in tackling an increase in
customer base. It is also hands-free. Meaning, it does all the ground work for
you. The software also has promotions, banners, and bonuses that are accrued
from the number of sales generated through affiliate links.


However, the software has a few disadvantages on its end too
including a potential buyer seeing the e mails as spam. This can be rectified
by adding a personal touch to the e mails on your list. Also, offering the
buyers with discounts and promotions that only the email sequence benefits from
will hugely increase referrals, therefore, increasing the customers as well.



The fact that this software fast tracks the sales that are
time limited also makes it advantageous for any online marketer. Having a
quality software that sends out emails to your potential customers, closes
deals and recommends relevant products is the future of online and e mail
marketing. In conclusion, InstaGenius has more pros than cons, therefore,
making it a handy software in matters online businesses.



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