For every new blogger, the most challenging thing is to get traffic to their blog or website. Somehow it Is inevitable to go through the first phase of blogging, which is traffic less No matter how great blogger anyone has ever been the first few month is the hardest to keep on going without any appreciation.
I know how it feels when someone writes great contents but there is no traffic to his or her blog post.  And no matter how good you are with SEO you need sometimes to get your blog running with a lot of visitors.


How to steal thousands of traffic from authority sites without SEO In a ethical way?

I am here to tell you that if you have authority on any subject and want to make a blog on it, you don’t have to worry about traffic. In this post, I am going to share with you a simple trick that you can easily implement and steal thousands of traffic from authority sites, which are already ranking on Google.
So what is the trick? you will be surprised with the answer because most of you already know the answer. Are you ready for the shock? ……
It’s Blog Commenting!
Ok… OK…OK …..  before you Freak out and shout at me let me tell you something you may  know about Blog commenting but you don’t know how to do it in an effective way so that you can steal traffic from authority Blogs.
Those of you who are already familiar with the term blog commenting probably think it is for SEO, backlink Building or that kind of stuff. Some of you may also know that blog commenting helps to establish your brand.
All of the above are true. But there is one single piece of the puzzle that can be solved through blog commenting that is getting instant Traffic. And no I am not talking about backlink Building or organic traffic. I am talking about Stealing traffic.
The trick is to post your comment on a fresh content



Yes, I know you are probably done with commenting on blog posts that are almost million years old with thousands of comments before you waiting there. From the next time do it differently.


Find other people’s blog post to comment on. But the blog post has to be a fresh blog post. Because you have to be on the top of that blog post comment section. So when these authority sites starts to get traffic to their website the people that are going to be commenting on that page as well you are going to be at the very top and they are going to see your name with your content.



A recent study shows that the 90% of the people who are clicking on comments are likely to click on the first 2 or 3 comments if it is relevant and interesting.



Did I mention Relevant and interesting?
Yes of course if you are thinking that you are going to comment like – Great post, thanks for the information, valuable post, nothing is going to happen. People don’t want to click on spam like this. So forget about spamming.
You have to make sure that your comment actually is of relevance. you want to interact and engage. Because when people see that you are interacting and engaging with other people’s content, they will love to follow you. They want to follow interesting people. They will click on yours comments before they will click on someone else’s who said like ‘great content’ or ‘great post’ or something like that.



So how to find fresh contents?


There are two ways to find fresh contents on the internet. You can either use google alerts to type in whatever you are looking for and get notification through your email .  or you can google itself with advanced search tool I will show you how to do that in a moment



The first way , Google alerts

For example, you were looking for the keyword ‘blogging tips’  . If you are going to be setting up alerts to get emails you can either look up news feeds or blogs or videos or even discussions or you can look for everything . In this case lets just choose blogs . let’s say that you want to find out some blogging tips from blogs and you wanted to go back to those peoples blog post and comment on their blog post . so what you need to look for is fresh new content . Content that people have posted within the first 30 minutes to an hour . That is fresh content .

How to steal thousands of traffic from authority sites without SEO google alerts


So when someone writes a blog post you are going to get a notification of all the people that are writing blogging tips and you have an opportunity to catch them and write the first comment or even the second or third comment right at the top before the person start getting overloaded with other people’s comments . You have to be at the very top so how often ?


How to steal thousands of traffic from authority sites without SEO google alerts tools


I do it as it happens that’s where you want to keep it . How many ? only the best results and you send it to your email and then you create that Google alerts . It’s just going to send you everything that you are looking for . So that’s one way to do it .


How to steal thousands of traffic from authority sites without SEO how often



The second way Google advanced tool

Alright, so let’s say I typed in a search term called “ how to blog for business”. As you can see there is a ton of result here . some of this blog post are old . So you basically want to find content that people literally just posted within the hour . So what you do ? you go to search tools. And you click on anytime and then you go past hour  that’s going to pull up every bodies content that is about “how to blog for business”


How to steal thousands of traffic from authority sites without SEO google search tool
Now you will see all the blog post that are published within one hour. But remember don’t post on anybody’s blog post . You want to post on other people blogs that are actually getting traffic.
Now one way to find out how much traffic the blog gets is using

from alexa you can find any sites visitors count. try to post your comment on the Blogs that gets more traffic.
Read the whole post

you have to read the whole post before commenting . try to add value to the content make sure that you sound like an authority on the subject . So that when visitors read your comment they should find interesting facts .

Try to read the post and learn something from it. Share what you learned from it. Add something to that the person didn’t include in his/her post. Whatever it is you have to be interactive with it . If you do that Properly , traffic will come to the blogs you have commented on and they will start  to see your comments . And if they click on your name they are going  to come to your blog or any blog post of yours .
So that is the importance of filtering out on Google what it is that you are looking for . and if you can dedicate 30 minutes a day or an hour a day reading other people’s  blog post and commenting on them you will start driving traffic for free . You are basically stealing other people’s traffic in a legal and an ethical way  .



This is just the starting point of getting traffic to your blog consider doing some Onpage SEO and Off page SEO for your blog which will help your blog in the long run


So what are you waiting for? Start to implement this method and see results in a few days. let me know .



I am an online marketer, entrepreneur, and passionate blogger. I like to help others by sharing my knowledge . I think blogging is all about helping others. In this blog I have tried my best to help those who are trying to start their own blog/website.

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