Uploading and Installing a theme on wordpress- is it difficult?

So you want to know how to upload and install wordpress theme? But Before installing any WordPress theme to your website you need to remember 3 things about wordpress themes.

3things to remember before installing a theme on wordpress

1. Free or Paid ???

There are millions of WordPress themes available on the internet. Mainly there are 2 kinds of themes. Paid themes and free themes. There are wide varieties of paid and free themes. Paid themes are also called premium themes. You will find  different kinds of premium themes ranging from $20 to $80. Naturally the paid themes are much better than the free themes in terms of Search engine optimization although you can set your SEO on free themes it requires some manual works. The only thing that  you cannot have with a free theme is support from the developing team. Having said that I will still recommend free theme to you if you are just starting out blogging. The option of installing a new theme regardless of a free or premium theme will always be available.

2.Responsive theme!

Nowadays Responsiveness of a theme is very important. Without responsiveness google and other search engines will not rank your blog. The good news is 90% of the themes that are available today is responsive. So unless you install a crappy theme which is not updated for many years you are good to go.

3.More simple more fun!

Always try to use themes with a user-friendly interface. themes with a lot of options are generally very difficult to operate. Especially if you are using a free theme you will get no help from the developer. Keep that in your mind.

So how can I upload and install wordpress theme? (the million dollar question)

Installing WordPress theme is the easiest thing to do if you already understand the interface of WordPress dashboard properly.
First, hover over the appearance tab on the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard, click on the theme option.

Installing a theme on wordpress the side bar
You will be redirected to a page like this in the following picture

Installing a theme on wordpress 1
You will find all the themes that you have already installed on your blog and the one that is activated. In case you are using your WordPress for the first time, you will see the default theme 2016 activated.  Click on add new. you will find a page like the following

Installing a theme on wordpress 2

You can install WordPress theme in two ways . firstly if you have the theme in a zip file  on your hard disc, you can click on the upload theme and upload the zip file. It will automatically install the theme.
Alternatively, if you don’t have the file on your computer. You can search for the theme in the search box by typing the name of the theme. Locate the theme from the search result and click on the install button
In both of the cases After the installation, you have to activate the theme in order to use the theme



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