In this post I am going to explain How to use google images in a legal way.

We all need quality images for our blog or website. Most of us would google search for images and use these images without thinking about the copyright issue. The thing is using images that are copyrighted is going to make a lot of issues. Especially Google does not want you to use copyrighted images.
I am not suggesting you to use your own images every time you post an image. There are many websites offering copyright free images for free. But if you want to use google image you can do something that can save you from copyright issues.Today you will Learn how you can use google images in a legal way.


How to use google images in a legal way

The good news is you can use any images from google search

Yes, it is actually true. Just remember you have to give the owner of the image the credit. In this example, I am using an image from Google search But below the image, I have mentioned the website that this image is taken from . Also, I have given the link of the website . So if someone click on the link they would go to the website .
In this example, I have used a picture of Tiger . But I have given a link of below from the site  I have taken the picture.

This image is taken from


The way to download an Image and use it on your website

First open google image . Type in the search box what you want . from the search result click on your preferred image.

Now right click on the image and from the drop down menu click on open link in new tab.



How to use google images in a legal way



Now on the new tab copy the link from the address bar and save the image on your computer. The link that you copied will be needed every time you post the image.



How to use google images
When you upload the photo on your Blog or website don’t forget to give the link below the image and give the credit to the original website that you have

Using google image without any link

Well, you can find royalty free images on google image also. All you have to do is use the search tool option. Click on the usage right and then hover over the dropdown menu and click on the labeled for reuse.



How to use google images Search tool



Now all the pictures you will find in the search engine are loyalty free images . You can use any images without submitting any link . Look at the royalty free picture of a tiger that I have downloaded below .



How to use google images royalty free image



So now you have learned How to use google images in a legal way. Dont forget to reduce your image size before uploading on your blog . it is true that Pictures speakes a thousand words . Using images in a correct way will increase you chance to rank on google. Please let me know what do you think in the comment section.




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