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vidviral review


Vidviral  Review

Today I am going to write about vidviral review . This is an application , by which you can make any of the video viral. In old days it was not hard to make any video viral, Because there were not so many user who used to upload videos on youtube and other platforms . But its not same as before today, nowadays there are millions of video uploads everyday so its quite hard and complicated to make any video upload s every day so its quite hard and complicated to make any video viral. So some amazing minds have made this amazing Application in which you can make any video viral in any platform like Facebook, youtube etc.

 Video as a content

Everyone wants content these days. That’s a true fact. without content online business is not possible,

video content is the best content now a days .

Why vidviral

It’s good having a wonderful video that you’ve uploaded onto YouTube or Vimeo. How do you market that video? In other words, how to get hordes of people to watch it. The video has been the most important thing for marketers’

You could naturally use Facebook and other social media outlets to talk about it and blogs will promote it, but does that necessarily mean it will get watched.

There are thousands of videos being uploaded every hour onto various platforms (which are also increasing all the time), so with quick scrolling being the norm because there’s so much to scroll thru, how will you guarantee to your client that the amount of hits won’t be 20 – but will be verging on the viral?

Why, you’ve got to grab their attention – and since you have only five seconds or so to do that, what exactly do you do?

You get hold of VidViral, that’s what. This cloud-based suite is launching on September 11 (at 11am, EST) and they’re saying that they will see to it that your video gets the hits it deserves.

VidViral is a cloud-based suite that turns any video (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or self-upload) into an attention-grabbing masterpiece by adding an additional layer of header and footer to the video which directly talks with the viewer, making them interested and literally forcing them to click on the play button, ultimately getting more views and more traffic,” says Harshal Jadhav, one of the founder members.

“Users can add compelling CTA texts, images, smileys to the header and footer of any YouTube video or video on their disk. They can render and download completed videos or share on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more from a cloud- based dashboard.”

Aside from there being millions of videos about on social media, and more are getting added every minute, there’s also the fact that many people keep Videoplayer function off because they find it distracting, not engaging! That’s really bad news for any marketer.

There’s the thumbnail issue as well. Everything today is thumbnailed because of space and the sheer volume of stuff, so if your thumbnail doesn’t grab somebody by the shirt-tails and haul him or her in, that’s it. How do go from budding hero to zero in five seconds? You just don’t have the attention-grabber that you need – and that’s something that you’ll have to talk to the experts at VidViral about.

The guys from VidViral say they have been closely monitoring successful video uploads for some time now, and they have discovered what works and what doesn’t. You know that converting normal video into viral meme video is going to be hellishly expensive with added special-effects and CGI all over the place? Well, that certainly could well be, but VidViral doesn’t do that. What they do is examine your video and simply add headers and footers that will work, together with a thumbnail that will have people pressing so hard on the “play” or “enter” button that it combusts. The costs, too, are very reasonable.

It’s as simple as that? Well, yes and no. You’ve got to figure out from an extreme marketing POV what will be the hook here, and it could well be something that not any old Joe can do. It’s requires a bit of a mindset that not everyone is endowed with. Exciting stuff, huh? You bet.

VidViral will be offering “early bird” specials for launch day of $24, which is rather unheard of, so get in early! The normal rate is $27 for a year or $67 for a lifetime. There is also the option of becoming a VidViral reseller. There are some terrific prizes being offered during the launch period. More on VidViral, and all the exciting news, can be found on this page

vidviral review


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